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Release Your Inner Gamer: Loyalty Program

We have launched a two tier loyalty program at Gem City Games which includes the following parts:


The GEM DEAL for singles purchases!

  • Every time you buy $35 in single cards for any game you will receive a FREE pack of any game of no more than $4 in value.

  • This deal is stack-able so that if you buy $70 in singles, for instance, you will receive two free packs.

  • Must be purchased in one transaction and is not cumulative over multiple purchases.


Frequent Gamer Incentive Program!

  • Every time you come in and pay more than half the events entry fee to play in an event you will receive a stamp on your Frequent Gamer card.

  • Once you have accumulated ten stamps on your card, your next "Regular Event" will be FREE. Non-regular events such as pre-release events or otherwise will be fifty percent off.

  • "Regular Events" are events that happen on a weekly basis and does not include pre-release and sneak peak events.

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