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Weekly Tournament Schedule

Open Play Sundays

Open Play Monday

Come on down and play any game.  


Tuesday Night Commander


Choose your commander, gather the best 99 cards as his/her army and come to Gem City on Tuesday nights. The fun starts at 6 pm.  We always offer open Commander play!


Wednesday Night Commander

Commander open play.  

Other Wednesday Events: Casual Commander, and General Open Play

Dungeons and Dragons
Our weekly D&D event is currently full, but feel free to inquire about space!
Open Play

Friday Night Magic Draft

If you've never drafted before or you're a draft veteran, you will have a great time. $20 gets you 3 packs which you draft with other players. You then build a deck to compete for a share of the prize pool and special promos. The great part is no one walks away empty handed at FNM. Draft starts every Friday @ 6:30 pm.  

Special Note: The week of PreRelease, it will be sealed instead of draft.  The  following week, when a new standard set releases will be sealed deck instead of draft.  Sealed deck is $35 for 6 packs that you build a deck out of.

Magic Standard Tournament

At 5:00 we have a Magic Standard Tournament.

SaturdayNight Commander

Commander open play - starting at 6 pm.  

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