Weekly Tournament Schedule

Vanguard and Force of Will Sundays

Force of Will Tournaments weekly @ 2:00 pm

-Wanderer Format (Grimm, Alice, and Lapis, and Reiya cluster cards).

Vanguard Open Play weekly @ 2:00 pm

Open Play Monday

Come on down and play any game.  


Tuesday Night Commander


Choose your commander, gather the best 99 cards as his/her army and come to Gem City on Tuesday nights. The fun starts at 6 pm.  We always offer open Commander play!

Dungeons and Dragons Adventure League - weekly @ 6:00 pm


Wednesday Night Commander

Commander open play.  

Other Wednesday Events: Casual Commander, and General Open Play

Cardfight!! Vanguard Open Play
Cardfight!! Vanguard tournament every Thursday @ 6:00 pm.  

Board Game Night (as seen on Living Dayton)

All tables are open for you to bring your favorite board game (or a stack of your favorite games) and play. We also have open copies of many of our most popular board games we sell for you to try out. If we don't have an open copy, just ask and we might even open on for you to try out.

Transformers TCG Open Play

Transformers TCG open play every Thursday @ 6 pm!  Come fight the eternal struggle of Autobots vs Decepticons.  While we here at Gem City Games should be neutral we have to say - Decepticons forever!

Friday Night Magic Draft

If you've never drafted before or you're a draft veteran, you will have a great time. $13 gets you 3 packs which you draft with other players. You then build a deck to compete for a share of the prize pool and special promos. The great part is no one walks away empty handed at FNM. Draft starts every Friday @ 6:30 pm.  

Special Note: The week a new standard set releases will be sealed deck instead of draft.  Sealed deck is $25 for 6 packs that you build a deck out of.

Magic Standard Tournament

At 5:00 we have a Magic Standard Tournament.

Magic Casual/Beginner's Open Play

New to Magic?  Want to hang out with others like you?  Then this is the time for you. Bring whatever you have, or borrow one of our Standard format learn-to-play decks. The open play starts at 6:00 pm.

Officially Unofficial Draft

And finally after Magic Standard is done we hold a draft of some sort decided by the people present (*if it is an actual draft then it will be $13).  This event is player run and will not follow any set schedule.  Call ahead if you plan to attend!